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Aqua-Tector® Water Indicators

The purpose is to reliably detect and quantitatively determine the amount of water in jet feul and other hydrophobic media.
Aqua-Tector® pads are small, orange circular disks made of a special paper coated with uranine (disodium fluorescein). The pads turn to fluorescent yellow upon contact with free undissolved water, accurately and quantitatively detecting water traces from 1 to 60 ppm.

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Why Use Them?

In general, jet fuel can dissolve a certain amount of water, depending on composition and ambient temperature. While a small amount of water dissolved in the fuel usually creates no problems for storage or operation of aircraft, the excessive presence of water can cause serious issues. Depending on the amount of water and the size of the droplets, the water might be noticed as haze in the fuel. The growth of micro-organisms in the fuel's ground storage tanks, or in the tanks of aircraft itself, is also possible. The undissolved water may also begin to form ice crystals due to high altitudes and low temperatures in which aircraft generally operate. When present in fuel lines, screens and openings of an aircraft's fuel system, these ice crystals can lead to a loss of engine power or complete "flame out."

Commercial airlines and military require that the jet fuel be inspected for undissolved water before being transferred into the fuel tanks of their aircraft. While traditional tests rely on visual inspection to determine the amount of haze in the jet fuel tank, Aqua-Tector pads allow users to quantitatively determine the amount of water present in jet fuel, ensuring that the fuel is safe for use every time.

Aqua-Tector pads comply with ASTM D 3240-86A requirements, which provide a "Standard Test method for Undissolved Water in Aviation Turbine Fuels." Using this method, a 500ml sample of jet fuel is passed through an Aqua-Tector pad. The flourescence of the pads is then compared with a standard, and the amount of undissolved water is calculated. The method clearly indicates whether the fuel is safe to use or should be run through a water seperator.

Industry-Specific Technical Information
    Substrate: Special Paper
    Indicator: Uranine (disodium fluorescein)
    Indicator Amount: 0.22mg to 1mg, depending on pad size
    Diameter: 25mm, 37mm and 47mm
    Detection Sensitivity: >1ppm undissolved water
    Packaging: Individually packaged in MIL-PRF-131J bags, 50 pads per metal quart can.

Typical Applications
  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Military


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