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Humitector® Humidity Indicator Cards

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The purpose of Humitector is to provide a simple, reliable, visual indication of the relative humidity within a sealed package or any given environment.

Humitector Humidity Indicator Cards are small, paper instruments designed to monitor relative humidity levels. Available in numerous configurations, cards indicate relative humidities as low as 5 percent and as high as 95 percent, depending on the application and need. There are two main types of humidity indicator cards: reversible and irreversible. Reversible humidity indicator cards work much like a thermometer, fluctuating to indicate the current relative humidity level. Maximum, or irreversible, cards are designed to indicate the highest relative humidity level to which goods have been exposed.

High relative humidity levels can cause irreparable damage to sensitive equipment, supplies, products and cargo. While many shippers and manufacturers might take the proper steps to protect their products from moisture damage, such as using desiccants, it is sometimes difficult to know how effective those steps are. Some products, such as electronic goods, often show no visual sign of moisture damage, while desiccants may reach their absorption capacity before users realize they need to be replaced.

Humidity indicator cards help provide visual proof of the relative humidity level within a given environment. If the card indicates high levels of humidity, users know to replace their desiccant bags and check their products for possible damage.

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Humitector (Reversible) Semiconductors / Electronics / Military / Industrial
Commercial (Reversible) Non-military / Non-JEDEC
Humitector Maximum (Irreversible) Logistics / Transportation / Shipping
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